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Wake Up Alone | Amy Winehouse

This is why I love Amy Winehouse. She just knows. Like if I were to talk to her and be like “fuck, you know I’ve been having really irrational thoughts and I’m being so lame right now” she would just be like, “hold up girl, I got you. Here’s this song I wrote and I’ma sing it with all the fucking soul I got.” She is the definition of human. She suffered and cried and just LIVED. I’m not just saying all of this because of her death, because I have been a huge fan of her’s for a long time now, but she is just one of those musical legends that I would have killed to see live. Can you imagine? In a small venue, her just rippin’ out these songs from every fiber of her being. God, that is heaven. Youtube videos will have to suffice now :(

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